Movie Poster Design

I designed a movie poster for the final Harry Potter movie. These books and movies have such a strong fandom so concept was key to keep fans happy and wanting to see the movie. Harry Potter and Voldemort are forever connected due to a backfired curse; Voldemort also uses Harry’s blood to come back to life and their wands have twin cores. Because of that my focal point is their faces as one. The last movie is about the final battle at Hogwarts so I put the school on fire in the background. The skull in the clouds represents the Dark Mark that Voldemort’s followers project into the sky. The smoke represents disapparating. The colours used are the colours of the four houses of Hogwarts. I created this poster using Photoshop, combining multiple images and using filters. All of the typography was incorporated in Indesign. I designed a corresponding album and cover for the movie soundtrack.